Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I purchase a Dorian Device for use in Australia?

Contact Dorian directly on +61 3 9931 1371

Where do I purchase a Dorian Device for use in New Zealand?

Contact Laurie Callender at Motorsport Safety New Zealand +64 21 916 207 or via the website

Can Dorian Transmitters be hired?

At some venues this is possible, please contact your Event Secretary, or Event Timekeeper.

What is the expected Service Life of the Battery in Dorian Transmitter?

Typically 6 – 12 years subject to at least a conditioning charge every 3 – 4 Months.

How long will a Dorian Timer operate once charged?

Typically 6 – 10 days depending on exact model and battery type fitted. Any Dorian device which won’t run for 5 days or more on a charge is in need of a service.

Can I repair my Dorian?

Yes you can, but Dorian Does not recommend this. Dorian will not supply internal components. Often repairs are not just as simple as replacing a battery.

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